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Shaggy Bob 2022

Shaggy bob Hairstyle 2022

Shaggy bob is a sort of bob haircut that’s made using the razor cut procedure, leading to choppy finishes and textured layers. This brand new haircut in the town is taking over the fashion scene lately, and it is for many great explanations!

Messy Shaggy bobs

Bob has withstood experimenting with time and style. Being marginally updated each year, it will stay trendy allways. These days a cluttered tendency in hairstyles activates particular modifications in ever-classy bobs. Straight, wavy or curly haired bobs bring their very own unique charm.

Short hair goals

Trendy Shaggy Bob

Famous Texas-based hairdresser and Salon Bugatti proprietor Chris Jones have mastered the craft of things shaggy and cluttered – out of wavy and curly strands to directly bobs and A-line cuts, he has shown that short hair goals can easily be pulled away using a perfectly imperfect brief shag!




Messy Shaggy bob


The epitome of non care – additionally, this is a leading reason why this tendency is loved by many. Having a little quantity of styling products and fewer scrub days, the sterile bob can be created living with the motion which is included with layers and texture without any effort!

Textured bob Hairstyle

Shaggy Hairstyle


Textured bob hairstyle for your triumph! Still marginally doubting whether to opt for this flattering cut? Let us reveal the most well-known versions of this bob this calendar year, and for certain, you are going to be out in your own approach to the salon very quickly!


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