WEN SIXTHIRTEEN Daily Cleansing Treatment, 16 fl. oz.

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Using the innovative and modern approach to haircare that he began in 1993, Chaz Dean has infused his WEN SIXTHIRTEEN Daily Cleansing Treatment with an exclusive blend of eleven amino acids to help restore strength and elasticity to even the most damaged hair. The unique combination of more than twenty-five natural oils and extracts like ginger, rosemary, lotus flower and ginseng deeply nourish your hair and scalp, while the absence of sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates and wheat or nut ingredients makes WEN SIXTHIRTEEN perfect for those with sensitive skin. Full of naturally luxurious ingredients, WEN SIXTHIRTEEN is the indulgence your hair has been waiting for.Designed with high quality hard plastic and durable silicone material to fit your device perfectly