TianQin WY Hair Straightener Straightening Brush Electric Ceramic Heating Ionic Hair Care Comb Anti-Scald Effective Detangling Frizz for Beauty Styling Care Thermal Equipment

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Usage of Hair Straightener Operation Instructions

1.For thicker hair,

210-230 degrees Celsius are generally selected.

2.For common hair,

190-210 degrees Celsius are generally selected.

3.For thin hair,

170-200 degrees Celsius are generally selected.

4.When it is on, press the "on-off key /lock key" one time ,the hair Straightener will be locked, then another time press ,it will be unlocked.

5. When it is locked, the LCD will display "LOC".

Instructions for Hair Straightener

1. Please keep your hair clean and comb it through before use a hair straightener.

2.Plug the hair straightener into a proper socket to keep it well charged.

3.First start it up and set a proper temperature, and then wait until the temperature.

4.In the using ,only one hand is required to catch your hair ,and then the hair straigthener is used to comb hair through.

5.Provided you would like to keep longer-time straight hair,you have to combine with hairstyle-fixing liquid and softener.

6.You shouldn't put much hair in the straightener; suppose you put a little more, you are supposed to slow down in pulling your hair, so as to gain an obvious effect.

7.This product is provided with the one-hour-off function, so please start it up when you use it once more.

Advantages of Hair Straightners

1.All shells are made out of high-temperature-resistance engineering plastic from America, such as PET/PPS/PAEE.

2.Electric main-boards adopt CCC criteria, a type of European EML authentication.

3.Compared with the traditional hair straightener, this product has its overwhelming advantages, For instance, a 5 to 10 times faster speed, simpler and quicker operation, and easier for individuals to take care of hair.

This hair brush for straightening hair leaves your hair silky, straight and smooth from the very first stroke