The PREMIER Detangling Brush By Optimo Essentials plus FREE “Hair Care Tips” eBook – The PAIN FREE Alternative! – Wet and Dry Hair Brush for Adults and Kids – Easy To Use For Tangle Free Hair – The Best Glide Thru Detangler – Great for Curly, Frizzy, Long or Straight Hair – No More Tears!!

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The best and easiest way to detangle you or your children's hair! It works great on wet or dry hair. The unique shape of the bristles makes it glide gently through your hair resulting in a very comfortable brushing session. No more chasing after your kids when it is time to brush their hair and no more tears and pulling hair! The perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas!!HIGH QUALITY BRUSH - at a DISCOUNT PRICE! UNIQUE SHAPE OF BRISTLES - helps the brush glide thru your hair, loosening tangles. This makes it ideal for brushing your and your child's hair, resulting in a NO MORE TEARS hair brushing event!