Tanning Indoor Oil

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You can get the fast dark and long lasting tan that you want while improving the look and feel of your skin. This tanning oil is loaded with nature's vitamin rich oils for that gorgeous healthy glow and perfect natural bronzed tan where you look and feel fabulous. Made with luxurious oils and infused with soothing exotic island botanicals enriched with Macadamia Nut oil and Red Raspberry Seed oil. Indulge and keep your skin silky soft and radiant dark skin that is even-toned to perfection! This tanning oil makes it easy to achieve a deep, gorgeous natural glow. Formulated safe for use with indoor tanning beds. Tanning oils got a bad reputation for use with indoor tanning beds since they were made mostly of mineral oils which damaged the acrylic that the beds were made of. Our tanning oil solves this problem as it has no mineral oil and made with the most potent natural moisturizers that will help release the ultimate tan in you. It will help you tan faster, extend what you have and help maintain your tan longer than ever! - Deep Long-Lasting Color - Chemical Free - Mineral Oil Free - No Parabens - No Fragrance - Waterproof -Tanning Bed Safe - No Sunscreen - Made Fresh in the USA --- This is not a bronzer or sunless tanner.Fast Dark Golden Tan