Premium Styling Mudd For Men – K+S Salon Quality Hair Care Products for Dry Scalp – Forming Cream Infused with Moisturizer – Argan and Coconut Oil for Flake Free Non Greasy Medium Hold & Sexy Shine

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Start Your Modern Warrior Journey

Make your friends wonder what happened to your hair with it's great new style.

- Medium hold with medium shine
- For all hair types.
- Pleasing fragrance. Not too much, just enough.

True warriors know the power of flexibility. They understand that if you want to win battles, you need to be ready to adapt at a moments notice. You need to be able to leave the battles of the office behind in a split second. And instantly transform to fit the social jungle. You need Krieger + Sšhne's Man Series Styling Mudd. Designed specifically for the modern warrior who needs to change at a moments notice. This forming cream allows you to quickly swap from a slick, savvy businessman to the alpha male of the bar in seconds.

KRIEGER MEANS WARRIOR - No seriously, it does (in German). Check it out. K+S is a cool new brand that will let you stand out like the warrior that you are! But, krieger + sšhne is proudly manufactured in the good ole US of A.

100% Money Back Guarantee - If you buy the product, and donÕt like the fragrance, the consistency, or anything about the product, we will refund 100% of your money.

To get the flexibility that you need to win as a Modern Warrior, click the add to cart button right now. When you click the buy button you will start your Modern Warrior journey.

☄ THE STRONGER BRAND - Krieger is the Germanic word for warrior. Warriors get the job done in everything they do, and your hair product should be no different. Enjoy a stronger brand, with Krieger + Söhne. We offer a hold strong enough to stick with you through the most rigorous workout session, but gentle enough to get her to notice. The non-greasy, flake free formula ensures you stay looking your very best all day, and all night.