Majesticel Argan Oil Serum, 3.4 oz.

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Majesticel Argan Oil Is The Science Of Healthy, Shiny, Silky, Soft Hair!

Argan Oil Benefits And Uses On Hair:

- Repairs damage of all kinds
- Restores rough, weak, dull hair
- Stops and prevents hair loss
- Increases hair strength and speeds growth
- Detangles the hair
- Controls frizz
- Adds instant luminosity and silkiness

Our Argan Oil Is A Solution To All Your Hair Problems and Needs - How??

- Moisturizing Regimen: A few drops can be used daily to nourish the hair and keep it detangled and tamed. It helps the hair grow stronger and long. It also lessens the hair loss.
- Argan Oil Hair Treatment: Regular usage repairs the brittle, rough, lifeless hair and reduces split ends. Reverses the damage caused due to frequent coloring, or heat styling.
- Add instant glow and smoothness:Makes your hair super glossy and velvet smooth instantly. Just add a few drops to your hair before stepping out.
- Heat and pollutants protection: Makes a protective layer on hair to minimize the damage from sun rays, dirt, dust and smoke and chlorine water in the swimming pool or seawater.
- Aids in Hair styling: Can be used before styling to make hair more tamed or applied to a finished style to make it last for longer and add extra glow.

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.WE value your safety with our Highest Quality Moroccan oil hair conditioner. Our product is completely safe for your precious hair.