Hair Straightener Brush Generation 2 by WonderBrush, Electric Ceramic LCD Hair Straightening Iron, Instant Silky Straight Styling, Anion Hair Care, Zero Damage, Detangling Comb

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Are you tired of using 4 different kinds of hair styling tools to achieve your desired results?

Or fed up with the cheaply made hair brush you recently purchased because of the short and poorly glued bristles that came off after using it a few times?....Well, we have just the right solution for you!

With confidence, we are presenting you - THE WONDERBRUSH HAIR STRAIGHTENING BRUSH.

Using the most advanced and latest technology in the hair care manufacturing industry and back by years of expertise comes the easiest and safest way to achieve a silky straight hair - in minutes. You'll love this device for its elegance, easy grip, lightweight and ergonomic design.

Advantages - WonderBrush vs Competitors
1. All shell adopts to the US high-temperature engineering plastic materials, PET/PPS/PAEE.
2. European electronic motherboard adopts to CE certification standards.
3. Faster results and ease of operation vs traditional hair straighteners and competitors.
4. Less hair moisture loss compared with traditional hair straighteners and competitors.
5. Professionally designed elegant appearance that is safe and easy to use.

Recommended Temperature Settings
1. 248 - 320 degF (120 - 160 degC) - recommended for delicate colored fine hairs.
2. 335 - 390 degF (170 - 200 degC) - recommended for natural textured hairs.
3. 410 - 450 degF (210 - 230 degC) - recommended for thick or wavy hairs.

To toggle between Celsius (degC) and Fahrenheit (degF) temperature unit press "+" and "-" at the same time.

Unlike cheaply made brushes, WonderBrush comes with AutoLock Function to avoid accidentally changing the temperature settings. Simply press twice to unlock and change to desired setting.

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Sold Exclusively By MBrandsCo Ltd. Beware of Imitations!INSTANT SALON QUALITY - Easiest and fastest way for a straight, silky, shiny and frizz-free hair.