Hair Straightener Brush, Anion Hair Care Anti Scald Static Hair Straightening Comb with Detangling Digitial LCD Hair Brush Straightener

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1.Please keep hair dry and neatly groomed before using.
2.Insert the plug into proper the socket.
3.Turn it on and adjust the temperature, you can use when the temperature reach what you want.
4.Short press PTC heater On/OFF button to chose different temperature settings.
5.Smooth operation when you use your hair straightening brush.
6.Long lasting and good quality. The hair straightening brush gives you the best in design, materials and technology.
7.Once the temperature setting LED light stays on,the brush is ready to use for hair straightening .Please hold the brush on handle and keep a safe distance from exposed skin and eyes.

Temperature Setting:
The default operating temperature is 190℃,you can short press the temperature adjusting buton to adjust the operation tempreature.
Once the temperature is set, then temperature LED setting light will start flashing. It will stop falshing and stay on when the set temperature is reached.

Working Temperature Advices:
Level 1,around 150℃,suitable for first time user or user with thin and fine hair, or bleaches hair.
Level 2,around 170℃,suitable for dyed or dark color hair.
Level 3&Level4,around 190℃ to 210℃,suitable for normal or slightly curled hair.
Level 5:around 230℃,suitable for thick and very curly hair, or difficult to style hair.

1.Under 14 years-old children using this product must have adult supervision.
2.Keep it dry and don't use it in bathroom and wet area.
3. Please don't rework, dismantle and repair this product.
4.This product can't be put into the fire or external heating.✤ ANTI SCALD TEETH DESIGN: Merge the ceramic iron straightener, detangling brush, anion hair massager together, gives you a comfortable experience during straighten your hair.