Hair Mist 12 in One Miracle Mist by IT Haircare, Repair Protect Strengthen Miracle Mist with exclusive Abyssinian Oil, Protects split ends, Protects your color, Removes Tangles, Guards against curling and flat irons, Deep Conditions, Transforms frizz to Silk, 3.4oz bottle

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Perfect hair. Every time.
12-IN-ONE AMAZING LEAVE IN TREATMENT is your all-in-one solution to miraculously healing and restoring 12 common hair concerns including breakage, split ends and frizz. Revitalize hair with this luxury treatment for gorgeous, shiny hair that is, in a word - AMAZING
Repairs dry, damaged hair
Protects from split ends & breakage
Shiny & healthy hair
Transforms frizz to silk
Maximum heat protection
Seals and protects hair
Removes tangles
Restores natural body
Abyssinian Oil for shiny hair
Fuses silk amino acids
Protects your color
Transforms brittle hair

Beautiful in function and form alike, The 12- in -ONE Amazing leave in treatment is scientifically designed to provide the highest possible level of performance, star- quality hair.