Hair Loss Treatment – Hair Growth Stimulator Spray for Thicker, Faster Hair Growth. Caffeine L-arginine Nettle Peppermint Natural Potent DHT Blocker by Hair Dance

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Professionally formulated to increase the scalp's blood circulation to energize hair follicle growth, prevent and stop hair loss. Healthy circulation to the scalp is essential in order for vital nutrients to be absorbed into the roots of the hair for hair growth. Soothing to sensitive, dry, itchy scalp. Contains many beneficial extracts and essential oils. One of the ingredients is caffeine. The study found that caffeine works by blocking the effects of a chemical known as DHT which damages hair follicles. The average growth of the follicles treated with caffeine increased by around 46 %. In addition, the life cycle of the hair treated with caffeine was extended by 37 %. Caffeine boosted the length of the hairs by between 33 and 40 per cent. Hair follicles treated with caffeine showed a highly significant growth rate at 24 hours and still showed further significant growth at eight days. Very easy to use, comes in spray bottle. For best results use it with Nature's Treatment Shampoo, or the shampoo that is free of sulfates and silicones.Evidence-based formula combines latest research and ancient wisdom to stimulate hair follicles for healthy hair growth. Non greasy formula allowes you to use it after shampooing, when hair follicules are cleaned out, open and are most receptive to the treatment. Potent, but natural formula has a long lasting affect and may be applyed the night before washing your hair.