HAIR ILLUSION – 100% Natural Human Hair Fibers *Not Synthetic* For Men & Women, Premium Hair Building Formulation, Large 38g Bottle (Black)

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Hair Illusion

Hair Illusion hair fibers are a Cosmetic Product Made From 100% Real Human Hair That Allows Men And Women To Conceal The Appearance Of Thinning Hair And Bald Spots, Giving The Impression Of More Hair. Hair Illusion Does Not Re-Grow Hair Or Stop Hair Loss; Rather, It Is Only a Cosmetic Product That Hides Baldness. Hair Illusion Is a Quick, Easy And Painless Way, To End The Suffering And Replace It With a Full Head Of Hair! Hair Illusion Won'T Come Off In The Wind Or With Perspiration. To Remove The Product Simply Wash Out With Shampoo. For a Extra Hold Apply a Light Mist Hair Spray. To Apply Hair Illusion Simply Shake The Bottle Liberally Over Thin And Bald Areas. This Will Release Thousands Of Microscopic Color Matched Fibers Which Bond To Your Scalp Or Thin Hair With Magnetized Static Electricity. Hair Illusion Is Different Than Similar Products toppik, caboki, Because It'S Made From 100% Real Human Hair. Its Not Made From Keratin, Cotton &Amp; Rayon Like Competitors. You Will Have a Undetectable Natural Appearance Because It Is Real Hair.

It Will Work On a Bald Spot Or Bald Head If You Follow The Instructions:
1) Apply Our Fiber Hold Spray To The Balding Area. Let Dry For 20 To 40 Seconds..
2) Apply Hair Illusion Fibers.
3) Apply Our Fiber Hold Spray. Hold 10-12" Away From Your Head. (You Don't Want To Spray To Close Once The Fibers Are Applied) For Best Results Repeat The Steps 2 or 3 Times.This Will Give You The Strongest Hold And Most Natural Look.
4) Do Not Brush Or Comb As It Is Not Your Hair. It Is a Cosmetic Cure. Not Permanent.

It Will Wash Out When You Shower.
One Bottle Will Last About 30-45 Uses Depending On The Size Of The Spot And Use.

**NATURAL HAIR FIBERS** Check other hair fibers ingredients. We use 1 ingredient 100% natural human hair.