GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener 8 oz.

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A vibrant healthy scalp grows thicker-looking hair.

SLS-free Natural Food-Grade Shampoo for thinning or slow growing hair, or if you just want to grow your hair out as fast as possible.

"Vitaminized Peptide Complex" that positively affects hair growth cycle.
Molecules that keep hair in the scalp are stimulated.
Hair growth is supported and premature hair loss is slowed.
A healthier scalp grows healthier hair.
Grow Out shampoo nourishes and encourages hair growth with food grade goodness.
The shampoo removes silicone and synthetic ingredients, allowing your hair to grow freely.
Hair follicles go into a "sleeping phase".
Grow Out reawakens the follicles.
Results? Up to a 121% increase in the number of hairs growing at all times.
Salt-free, so it is safe with Keratin Treated hair, too.

Use regularly for optimal results.

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS : GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener cleans the scalp and provides nutrients to encourage growth directly at the hair follicles.