FX Wild Harvest Hair Silk Drops Silk Serum, Lotus, 4 oz. (2 Pack)

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Smooths frizziness & split ends. Glosses hair. Sulfate free. Paraben free. Phthalate free. Sodium free. Why You Want it: We're obsessed FX Silk drops! We can't get over how it instantly smoothes, polishes, makes hair so soft , silky and shiny. Imagine a world without puffy, frizzy hair days ever! Plus it helps to protect breakage. We love it. What's in it for You: Unleash your wild sexy hair! Indulge in formulas that blend unadulterated natural harvested wild ingredients from different regions of the world. The result is hair that is shiny, thicker and fuller with a radiant glossy glow. Improve your hair's ability to retain moisture and protect from future damage. Plus, it's natural, sulfate, paraben, phthalate and sodium free - what more could you ask for! Not tested on animals. Made in USA.Soothing Lotus Flower Extract Nourishes Hair Follicles