Electric Anion Hair Care Hair Styling Ceramic Heating Hair Straightener, Anti Frizz Hot Air Brush for Hair Straightening, Scalp Head Massager Anti Static Hair Detangler Brush for Silky Healthy Natural

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1. For mothers and Ladies, it's definitely a life saver for use especially on Sunday mornings and when have to leave early for work or school in a rush morning.
2. Better for those have shoulder arthritis, and don't have to move your hand in and out like on a straighter, just can easily brush your hair.
3. Use it to kind of curl under the ends on the hair or curl them outward if love to.

Set the temperature on low for simply brushing hair and detangling or higher for straightening, trying the lower set temp first and increase as needed.
For thicker and curls hair, please set to 210-230℃ (410-446℉).
For common hair, please set to 190-210℃ (374-410℉).
For thin and soft hair, please set to 170-200℃ (338-392℉).

Kindly Tips for Achieving Better Results
Keep you hair slightly damp (or rough dry) and neatly groomed before using.
It would achieve a longer straightening result if apply some water-based conditioner/moisturizer.
Please section off the hair into smaller portions, then brush slowly from underneath and upside down while holding the section at the bottom and keeping tension on it.
Pick out the really wavy parts and quickly concentrate on those, then just let it all fall together and brush through it.
Make sure you use some type of hot spray thermal protection or such if happen to straighten your hair a lot often.

Simple Usage
Temperature Control by hitting "+" and "-" buttons
Temperature Lock/ Unlock by pressing the power button for once
Temperature Switch between ℃ and ℉ by pressing the "+" and "-" buttons together at the same timeThis would heat, brush, smooth, straighten hair all in one hair brush, aimed for removing frizz and waves, taming and soothing, detangling and straightening purposes. It works naturally and gives normal volumes to one's hair, and won't take the volume out of hair after strengthening, without leaving creases throughout hair or giving off awful burning smell that flat irons did.