Black Hair Straightener, Detangler Brush Electric Comb, Hair Straightening Iron Ceramic, Instant Natural Hair Styles, Ion Hair Care Anti Scald Hair Straighten System, Auto Shut Off Scalp Massager Tool

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Beautiful hair begins with having the right bathroom products designed to help improve and strengthen your hair both safely and effortlessly. That's why we at DROK have designed our detangling hairbrush hair styling set to gives you the benefits of a ceramic iron straightener, detangling brush, and anion hair massager all in one.

Crafted to work with hair types of all kinds, our unique brush keratin hair straightener quickly turns wavy, tangled or messy hair into beautiful, sleek straight hair in just minutes. Featuring versatile temperature settings to match your hair type, an ergonomic design to fit comfortably in your hand, and scald-free heat so you won't damage your hair. Our brush products works great at home, at the gym, at work, or even worldwide travel, keep it at your bed head and offers you the naturally healthy hair you want in your life and a good gift to your friend.

• Keep hair rough drying before using; if apply some oil-based conditioner would be better.
• Keep your hair neatly groomed before using because the bristle sizes slightly vary in size, shape, it might hook up your hair.
• Please section off the hair into smaller portions and use the the styling hair clips fixed to live; hold the section at the bottom and keep tension on it while brushing down underside.
• To pick out the really wavy parts and quickly concentrate on those, then just let it all fall together and brush through it.
• If you happen to straighten your hair a lot make sure you use some type of hot spray thermal protection or such.

• Adjustable temperature settings
• Auto Shut-Off Protection
• Ergonomic design for easy use
• Works for all different hair types
• Scald-free heat
• Works for men, women and girlsSTRAIGHTENS IN MINUTES: The hair straightener heats up fast and evenly so you can brush out tangles and turn fine, thick, short, long, silky, curly, wavy, or thinning hair into renewed straight hair for hair straightening treatment in just minutes with natural hair care. Just brush, straighten, and go!