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Giovanni 2chic Avocado and Olive Oil Ultra-Moist Super Potion, 1.8 Fluid Ounce

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Set the tone of your look and define your individual style with 2chic Avocado and Olive Oil Ultra-moist Super Potion from Giovanni. Made from only the most carefully selected blends of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs and oils, Giovanni creates pH balanced and biodegradable formulas that will help you transform your hair from damaged and dull to silky and shiny. Choose the mood and play all day.Re-bonds ends to help prevent splits

Professionnel Homme Sculpte – Sculpting Fibre Paste – L’Oreal – Professional Men’s Hair Care – 150ml/5oz

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Gives flexible hold & texture Moulds hair for desired style Imparts a soft & supple look Leaves hair look smooth & shine Suitable for all hair typesThis beauty product is 100% original.